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May 16, 2006

Another small update. As far as the application goes, there were a few bug fixes and some minor usability improvements. The bigger news is that there is finally a "Getting Started" tutorial up. It's still incomplete and very unpolished, but it should still be usefull. You can get to it using the left side menu, or by clicking here. You can get the latest release of the application from the downloads page. For a complete list of changes in this release, please see the change log.

A couple of the things still in the works are a new template engine based on the ASP.NET runtime and integrated support for nested regions. Stay tuned!

Note: CH3ETAH is still in alpha - in other words the feature set is still evolving and it is under heavy development. However it is stable, is being used in production environments, and has been used on dozens of projects, ranging from small to very large.

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What is the CH3ETAH project?

Click here to watch the demo CH3ETAH's main focus is on code generation and automation - or more generically, generative programming.

For more information check out the Overview page or if you want, you can jump straight to the animated demo.

Who are they?

CH3ETAH's creator and primary maintainer is Jacob Eggleston. Igor Leite joined the picture at the beginning of 2005, and has made significant contributions in almost every area of the project. Guilherme Bacellar started helping out in June 2005, and has been especially helpfull in some of the GUI work.

A special thanks to ForumAccess for sponsoring a significant part of the development.